Happy New Year, Welcome to 2014

Written By: admin - Jan• 01•14

It happened overnight, we said goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014.

So what’s your plan do you have resolutions? In years past many have made lists of what they are going to accomplish the new year, starting with lose weight, work out, get organized, settle down, not party as much. Do any of these sound familiar to you? How many have actually keep their resolution 1 week after making it, maybe you made a month, or maybe you made the whole year keeping your resolution.

I on the other hand will fess up, I never made it long when I made a resolution, so I quit a few years back..The same again this year.While the year has been crazy here in my home, we have made it thru a bankruptcy, a tornado that missed our home by 50 feet, the planning and executing a 50th wedding anniversary for our parents.  I started treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and have been blessed to be able to participate in a study which pays for all my meds. We have grown closer as a family, and adjusting our life as it has changed this year, as we march forward into 2014. I am hoping to just work towards a year with less stress, (Yeah I know like you can plan that..lol), also would like to spend more time with family. I love my grandkids just wished they loved closer. Oh, and if I can just have a year with less drama, less pressure, what am I saying I have a 16 year old girl in my home ….well here’s to 2014 may it bring me peace….yeah I know again…lets see maybe just maybe a year of memories, love, family and faith…..yep nailed it…


Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year, best wished to you and your family and the year of 2014!!sparkling_2014_lights


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