Wearing A Kilt Could Make Your Sperm Stronger

Written By: admin - Apr• 17•13

Wondering if the Kilt will make a comeback (by comeback, I mean will it become popular) in the united states.

I typed in new technology in my Google search and this is the article that come to the top.. The article is found  in Popular Science.. Of course the study was  published in the Scottish Medical Journal,

this is what it boils down to:  “The author hypothesizes that, based on past findings about temperature and sperm production, a kilt, specifically one worn in the undergarment-free “regimental” style, would be an ideal environment for sperm production. Kompanje searched through related research, focusing on statistics in Scotland and noting along the way that 70 percent of kilt-wearers choose to go regimental. Kilts (at least in Scotland or other countries where they’re more commonly worn) might also be psychologically valuable, increasing feelings of masculinity when worn. Kompanje goes so far as to write that a downturn in Scottish fertility is correlated with the frequency of kilts being worn, although he admits it’s still somewhat speculative until a randomized trial happens.”


And of course the at the ending of the article it is requested ” Gentlemen, put on your kilts for science.”


Not sure how I would feel watching my husband go to work in a kilt and going ” commando style”.  Well I might enjoy and have  some fun with it, with my husband.

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