Rental Cost How many hours do you need to work?

Written By: admin - Nov• 12•12

I remember growing up I lived on a street that was named after my great grandfather and the street my house sat on was named after my grandfather so to say we have been there for a long time is probably safe to say.  Stay with me as I ramble,  I want to get to where there story is going, I had family all around, we left our doors unlocked, we trusted that our kids could walk down the street with out fear that they would never be seen again. My mom volunteered for the some part of her life and then worked after my dad hurt himself and ended up on disability.  Today as I continue with the tradition of a stay at home mom, and I know the struggle my family endures so that I can stay home but as I look at these numbers and while I know its true,  I live in Florida and know what the cost of living is in Palm Beach County and how it differs, I just dream of stepping back where things don’t cost what they cost now, where you can fill your gas tank on your car and never go past $ 40.00 . Take a look at the what the National Low Income Housing Coalition has posted as information to cost of housing thru out the US.

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