Greatest fish story ever told

Written By: admin - Oct• 29•12

I love reading those small town news articles, you find the most interesting people and lively articles, something I long for when reading our paper or listening to our news..Its always about someone getting shot, or robbed or both,  some good stories, but mostly the bad(probably because there is more of that).


Recently I came across an article from a paper(Stewart Houston Times) from Dover, TN where my in-laws live and I thought I would share…hope you enjoy the laugh:



“People who fish a lot in the Long Creek area come across many unbelievable things, but this time it topped all fishing stories.

I was putting my boat in at the Lick Creek boat ramp, when two boat loads of guys came in from Long Creek all excited and couldn’t wait to tell me what happened.

They said, while fishing the horseshoe area, they saw President Obama walking on top of the water fishing. The men asked if he was having any luck and the president replied, “I haven’t caught any bass or crappies, but I did catch a bag full of big suckers.”

Written and submitted by Ted Endel


I think I would enjoy just sitting a spell and listening to Mr.Endel’s stories, I bet he has a million…


Wish we could turn the hands of time back, where neighbor spent time with neighbor, sharing thoughts, and stories, and advice from kid rearing to cooking. Unfortunately today we live in a society that just does not take the time, so sad!



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