No Buddy Left Behind

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•12

As I watched my morning news I am blasted with 2 stories where teens are being sent to jail for terrible crimes, and I wonder what is happening to our young people that they feel like they can get away with Murder, or beating of another student…And then I come across an article where teens are working towards making a better life for others…here is the story I came across….

Of course we have heard these stories but bear with me, Rachel is a helicopter pilot stationed in Afghanistan and a Captain in the US Army. In the midst of war, while out on a detail with her unit, the team found an innocent, wounded, and starving puppy in a burn pit/trash pile. He was tossed away to be burned alive. They saved the pup, named him Toby, and nursed him back to health.  Unable to keep Toby with them anymore, Rachel and her unit were faced with the unthinkable… Euthanize their best friend, leave him to fend for himself, or bring him home.  Guardians of Rescue  sprung in to action. Toby was transferred to The Nowzad Shelter in Kabul, Afghanistan while  Guardians of Rescue raised the funds to bring him home.  They  finally reached their goal of $5,172.00 (he’s a big boy) and were able to get a flight for him. Toby will be landing in NYC at JFK on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 8:15AM.

Rachel is still deployed, and will not be home until January, 2013. Until she returns, Guardians of Rescue has arranged for Toby to be cared for by Hounds Town – Port Jefferson, where he will undergo a training program to adjust to life here in the United States. When Rachel returns, we will have Toby transported to her in Texas, so they can finally be reunited.

This is where I felt better about our teens:  A group of High School Students in Beverly, MA have jumped on board to help assist us in reuniting Toby and Rachel. The Beverly High School DECA program is raising money and awareness of animals that are found stranded in war-battered areas in Afghanistan and rescued by American Troops. (Their facebook page click here) they also made the front page of their school news.

This is a wonderful story and while there is still money to be raised I have faith that they will reach their goals.


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